Pietragallo Gordon Alfano Bosick & Raspanti, LLP’s has one of the most successful, skilled and widely regarded law firms in the United States representing qui tam whistleblowers under Federal and State false claims acts. For more than 32 years our attorneys have fought on behalf of qui tam whistleblowers across the United States, in many of the most complex and sophisticated cases in the history of the federal False Claims Act.

Our attorneys have served as lead counsel for whistleblowers in false claims lawsuits that have resulted in nearly $2 billion in recoveries for federal and state taxpayers. Some of our attorneys’ successful representations of qui tam whistleblowers in federal and state false claims act cases include:

Our global qui tam whistleblower practice consists of distinguished former federal prosecutors, United States military prosecutors and state prosecutors. We have tried hundreds of complex criminal and civil cases throughout the United States, against some of the largest companies in the nation.

Our attorneys bring unmatched experience, skill and knowledge to the representation of our qui tam whistleblower clients. We have litigated virtually every issue that can arise in federal and state false claims act lawsuits, and in many instances, our work has helped set the standard for other whistleblower cases across the nation. We have successfully teamed up with federal and state prosecutors and law enforcement agents in many of the most successful false claims act cases in United States history.

Our attorneys are widely recognized as leaders in the representation of whistleblowers in federal and state false claims act cases. We are frequently invited to speak to audiences across the country about federal and state false claims act cases, and they have written numerous national articles and texts on the false claims acts and qui tam litigation. We have also worked for the passage of new state false claims acts, and have advocated for the strengthening of the federal false claims act.

Our global qui tam whistleblower practice is not about filing as many cases as possible. We carefully analyze each case from all angles and work with our qui tam whistleblower clients to investigate leads and to build the strongest case possible before filing a Complaint. We then work arm-in-arm with federal and state prosecutors to aggressively pursue the defendants and to achieve the best result possible for our whistleblower clients and the taxpayers.

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