Most of the state false claims acts are modeled after the federal False Claims Act, and provide that qui tam whistleblowers can bring claims on behalf of the state. There are, however, important differences between these state false claims acts, and potential whistleblowers must pay careful attention to the specific requirements of each statute. In addition, many times fraudulent schemes can impact the federal government and multiple state governments. Our attorneys have substantial experience successfully coordinating and litigating false claims cases that impact the federal and multiple state governments.

The number of state false claims acts is likely to continue to grow. In 2005, the Congress passed financial incentives for states to pass false claims acts that are modeled after the federal False Claims Act. These financial incentives have caused a flurry of activity in state legislatures across the United States, and have been a primary reason behind the passage of several new state false claims acts.

In addition to the 32 state false claims acts listed above, 9 municipalities currently have their own false claims acts. View them here.

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