Category: Securities and Exchange Commission

The CFTC Breaks All Records –$200 Million Whistleblower Award

Takeaway: Misconduct in the multitrillion dollar derivatives market can lead to massive recoveries for the government and whistleblowers alike.   Even when the CFTC is already on the case, a whistleblower who tips off the government during an ongoing investigation may remain eligible for an award if they provide original information that “substantially contributes” to a successful enforcement action. 

SEC Whistleblower Payouts Top $1 Billion

Takeaway: 2021 has been a record year for the SEC’s whistleblower program with awards for fiscal year 2021 topping $500 million and total awards now exceeding $1 billion. This reflects both a pro-whistleblower administration and a growing private-public partnership in exposing corporate malfeasance. As the SEC’s whistleblower program matures and knowledge of its existence spreads,

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