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FCA Statistics

Lawsuits filed under the Federal False Claims Act have recovered more than $59 billion between 1986 and 2018. More than $42.5 billion of those recoveries have resulted from lawsuits filed by whistleblowers under the qui tam provisions of the False Claims Act. Whistleblowers have been paid over $7 billion for their role in assisting the government in making those recoveries for the taxpayer.

In 2018, there were 767 new False Claims Act lawsuits filed; of which 645 were started by whistleblowers. As in past years, the largest number of new False Claims Act cases were in the area of healthcare; although there was an increase in the number of new non-healthcare FCA cases in 2018. This growth is due in large part to the increasing number of FCA cases alleging fraud in the financial markets (including fraudulent practices involving government backed mortgages).

The United States Department of Justice periodically publishes detailed statistics regarding False Claims Act cases, recoveries and whistleblower rewards. To view a copy of these statistics about the False Claims Act, please click here.

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The lawyers in the national qui tam whistleblower practice of Pietragallo Gordon Alfano Bosick & Raspanti have proven, battle tested experience fighting for whistleblowers in federal and state false claims cases. The False Claims Act Practice Group, which includes four former federal and state prosecutors and two certified fraud examiners, has:

  • Recovered nearly $2 billion for federal and state taxpayers
  • More than 30 years combined experience representing whistleblowers
  • Fought some of the most complex cases brought under federal and state false claims acts
  • Litigated against some of the largest companies in the United States
  • Handled cases in federal and state courts across the United States

Some of our current whistleblower cases include:

Some of our successful whistleblower cases include: