Masoncare settles for $450,000 in Medicare/Medicaid False Claims Act Violation

Masoncare Health Center, an inpatient and outpatient healthcare facility, was charged with violating the False Claims Act and will pay the government almost $450,000 to resolve the allegations.  Masoncare was improperly billing Medicare and Medicaid for injections of leuprolide acetate, or Lupron.  The medication is used to treat prostate cancer in men and endometriosis and fibroids in women. The billing for female-related dosage has a higher reimbursement than the male-related doses.  On a regular basis, Masoncare was billing for the female-related code for male patients and receiving much higher reimbursements.  Also, in 2009, Masoncare improperly coded the Lupron injections but failed to disclose this to the government  and did not make any attempt to reimburse Medicare and Medicaid programs.

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