Pinnochio Nose for Former Vincent (Chin) Gigante Supporter

Wilfred Van Gorp, widely known for his declaration that Oddfather Vincent (Chin) Gigante was truly crazy, a claim later soundly rejected based on recorded telephone conversations, was found by a Manhattan federal jury, along with Cornell University, to have violated the federal False Claims Act.  According to the claims of the suit, brought by a former student of Dr. Van Gorp, he and Cornell misrepresented how many AIDS patients Cornell was treating in order to obtain money from the NIH to fund research fellowships aimed at studying the effects of and treatment for AIDS.  Van Gorp maintained that the grant money, awarded in 1998, was made before he and Cornell were aware of the effectiveness of new drugs that limited the number of AIDS patients Cornell could find and treat.  However, jurors believed that Van Gorp should have updated disclosures to the NIH clarifying the amount of patients the hospital was treating.

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