When It Comes To The False Claims Act, Blood Is Not Always Thicker Than Water

Zachery Wolfson, the son of Mitchell Wolfson, the chief medical officer and founding partner of Park Avenue Medical Associates (“PAMA”), reportedly filed a False Claims Act complaint that led to the New York company settling Medicare fraud allegations for $1 million.

The Department of Justice alleged that PAMA billed for psychiatry services for patients whose dementia or cognitive disorders actually made them unable to benefit from psychotherapy.  They were also charged with billing for services where there was no documentation.   PAMA billed for over 90,000 exams that “were duplicative, failed to comply with Medicare rules and reflected a lack or coordination of care both among PAMA’s own psychiatrist, psychologists and nurses, and between PAMA’s employees and staff at the facilities at which PAMA performed services.”

The younger Wolfson looks to collect as much as $250,000 for filing the original complaint.  The settlement, can be seen here.

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