Whistle-Blower Program Under Review By IRS

The Internal Revenue Service’s tax whistle-blower program has been scrutinized by lawyers and politicians. Now, the IRS will evaluate the program and improve its working practices and backlog. According to Deputy Commissioner for Services and Enforcement Steven T. Miller, the guidelines and procedures for managing whistle-blower complaints will be thoroughly examined by the IRS and by various internal and external stakeholders within a 90-day deadline.

The whistle-blower program was created in 2006 by Congress in hopes to raise tax revenue. Only three awards in last five years have been paid since more than 1,300 allegations have been filed concerning tax underpayments of at least $2 million apiece.

The IRS agents and offices that work with whistle-blower cases will undergo internal performance reviews to see if the deadlines for cases are met. These deadlines include – the original meeting with the whistle-blower; the 90 days of initial review of each case; when taxes and penalties are collected and that the whistle-blower is notified to collect the reward.

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