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Houston School District Settles E-Rate False Claims Case

The Houston Independent School District has agreed to relinquish millions of dollars in requests for federal funds and to pay a total of $850,000 as part of a civil settlement relating to allegations that the school district violated the False Claims Act in connection with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) E-Rate Program, the Justice Department recently announced.

Case Studies Show Fraud and Abuse Allowed Ineligible Firms to Obtain Millions of Dollars in Contracts

The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a report on November 19 finding that contractors falsely claiming to be run by disabled military veterans have defrauded the government of at least $100 million since 2003.  Congress established goals for the distribution of a certain portion of federal contracts to small businesses that are owned and operated by vets injured in the course of active duty. 

United States Sues Kaman Dayron, Inc., Under False Claims Act

The US Department of Justice filed a lawsuit under the False Claims Act against defense contractor Kaman Dayron, Inc. for allegedly substituting non-conforming parts in sophisticated ignition devices supplied in “bunker buster” bombs.  The lawsuit contends that Kaman Dayron knowingly substituted non-conforming parts that might cause the ignition devices to fire prematurely,

GAO Report Finds Widespread Problems at Defense Contract Audit Agency

The Government Accountability Office (“GAO”) recently issued a report finding widespread problems with the quality of audits conducted by the Defense Contract Audit Agency (“DCAA”).  The DCAA under the Department of Defense (DOD) Comptroller plays a critical role in defense contractor oversight by providing auditing, accounting, and financial advisory services in connection with DOD and other federal agency contracts and subcontracts.

Welcome to the False Claims Act – Whistleblowers Blog

Welcome to the False Claims Act – Whistleblowers Blog. The Federal and State Governments spend trillions of dollars each year to fund a wide variety of programs and to purchase vast amounts of goods and services.  Some of the larger government programs include: Medicare, Medicaid, Department of Defense-Military Spending, the Troubled Assets Relief Program (“TARP”),

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