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Allergan Sues FDA to Overturn Restrictions on Drug Marketing

In an attack on the regulation of drug marketing, Allergan, the makers of the antiwrinkle shot Botox, as well as popular Ophthalmic drugs Restasis and Lumigan, have filed a free-speech lawsuit against the federal government.   In the Complaint, filed in federal court in Washington, Allergan charged that restrictions on promoting unapproved uses of Botox for medical conditions like spasticity violate the company’s First Amendment rights to speak freely and truthfully with doctors about its drug products. 

Lilly Settles Suit With South Carolina Over Zyprexa

Eli Lilly & Co. agreed to settle a lawsuit brought by South Carolina claiming the company improperly marketed its antipsychotic Zyprexa, averting a trial in which the state planned to seek $6 billion.   South Carolina sought reimbursement for the costs of Zyprexa prescriptions and alleged Zyprexa-related illnesses. The state claimed Lilly pushed doctors to prescribe the medication and withheld information about Zyprexa’s side effects such as weight gain.

Welcome to the False Claims Act – Whistleblowers Blog

Welcome to the False Claims Act – Whistleblowers Blog. The Federal and State Governments spend trillions of dollars each year to fund a wide variety of programs and to purchase vast amounts of goods and services.  Some of the larger government programs include: Medicare, Medicaid, Department of Defense-Military Spending, the Troubled Assets Relief Program (“TARP”),

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