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Four companies pay $39 million to settle California whistleblower case involving water supply system parts

A state whistleblower claim brought under California’s False Claims Act settled for $39 million last month, bringing to almost $60 million the total recovery that California water districts and municipalities, including the cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles, have recovered because of excessive lead levels in water valves and fittings manufactured by James Jones Company LLC. 

U.S. Proceeds with Related Action Against Two Nursing Home Chains and Their Principals

The United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Massachusetts announced the settlement of multiple false claims act cases against Omnicare, Inc. of Covington, Kentucky,  for $98 million for soliciting and receiving multiple kickbacks.  The first scheme involved Johnson and Johnson and kickbacks for recommending that physicians prescribe Risperdal, a J&J antipsychotic drug,

United States Intervenes in False Claims Act Suit Against Virginia Medicaid Providers

The United States and the Commonwealth of Virginia have intervened in a False Claims Act suit in the Western District of Virginia against the Medicaid providers Universal Health Services Inc., Keystone Marion LLC and Keystone Education and Youth Services LLC, the Justice Department announced today. They did business as the Keystone Marion Youth Center,

25 States Have Enacted False Claims Acts

As of October 1, 2009, 25 States have enacted their own State False Claims Acts.  Most of the State False Claims Acts are modeled after the federal False Claims Act, and provide that qui tam whistleblowers can bring claims on behalf of the state. There are, however, important differences between these State False Claims Acts,

The ‘New’ New Jersey False Claims Act: It Was Born to Run

On Jan. 7, 2008, the New Jersey Legislature joined then 20 other states and the District of Columbia in passing its version of a civil false claims act.   The New Jersey False Claims Act, which is modeled on the Federal False Claims Act, allows whistleblowers (often referred to as “Qui Tam Relators”) to blow-the-whistle on those businesses and individuals who submit false or fraudulent claims to the State of New Jersey.  

Welcome to the False Claims Act – Whistleblowers Blog

Welcome to the False Claims Act – Whistleblowers Blog. The Federal and State Governments spend trillions of dollars each year to fund a wide variety of programs and to purchase vast amounts of goods and services.  Some of the larger government programs include: Medicare, Medicaid, Department of Defense-Military Spending, the Troubled Assets Relief Program (“TARP”),

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