Defense Contractor’s Fraudulent Scheme Bombs: Will Pay $4.75 Million For Defective Bomb Fuzes

The Department of Justice announced that Kaman Precision Products, Inc., an Orlando-based defense contractor, will pay $4.75 million to the U.S. to settle allegations that it sold non-conforming fuzes to be used in “bunkerbombs” to the U.S. Army. The settlement arose from a False Claims Act suit filed by the U.S. in the Middle District of Florida. According to the U.S., Kaman knowingly submitted non-conforming motors in several lots of fuzes which were sold to the U.S. Army for use in target penetration warheads or “bunkerbombs”. The non-conforming parts could cause the fuzes to fire early or misfire which could be extremely hazardous to military personnel. As part of the settlement, Kaman agreed to adhere into a compliance program and dismiss the administrative claims it had against the U.S. for terminating its contract.

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