Defense Subcontractor Settles FCA Claims For Sonar Cones

Defense subcontractor, Robbins, LLC, settled False Claims Act allegations filed by a former employee, James Brown of Temple, Georgia.  Mr. Brown filed the suit alleging that Robbins used an expired ingredient, Elastomag 170, when mixing a rubber compound used in sonar nose cones for U.S. Navy ships.  Goodrich subcontracted with Robbins to prepare two rubber compounds which would form the outer layers of the sonar nose cones.  Goodrich was awarded a $33 million contract to make sonar composite domes and sonar dome rubber windows to be used on the keels of Navy frigates, destroyers, and cruisers to protect sensitive sonar equipment.

The suit also alleged that, once Robbins realized it had used expired material, it considered mixing a new batch, but that idea was dismissed due to the expense involved.  Mr. Brown also claimed that Robbins altered paperwork to conceal the fact that the Elastomag had been manufactured in 2008, when in reality, it had been manufactured in 2007.

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