Miami-Dade Healthcare Operators Charged in Biggest Medicare Fraud Strike Force Case in History

Four Miami-Dade healthcare operators have been charged with scheming to defraud Medicare out of a $200 million by fraudulently billing for mental health services. A whistleblower lawsuit was filed against American Therapeutic, the nation’s largest chain of community mental health centers licensed by Medicare.  American Therapeutic and its senior employees were charged with scheming to bill Medicare for unnecessary group therapy sessions or sessions that never occurred.  Senior Justice Department officials announced this as the biggest Medicare Fraud Strike Force case in history.  Authorities say the level of such fraud is eye-opening.  Last month, President Obama signed the Small Business Lending Act into law.  This legislation includes a provision requiring Medicare to flag suspicious claims using computer programs with predictive modeling capabilities.  Much like a single excessive purchase on one’s credit card, Medicare will now have the ability to identify claims that require additional scrutiny.

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