TAF Expects $9 Billion to be Recovered in 2012

Taxpayers Against Fraud foresees more than $9 billion in False Claims Act recoveries, “…counting civil, state and criminal fines – is within the realm of possible for FY 2012,” stated Patrick Burns of TAF. The cases settled or lined up for settlement included: Merck ($950 million); GlaxoSmithKline ($3 billion); Abbott ($1.5 billion); Amgen ($780 million); Oracle ($200 million); New York City ($70 million); LHC Groups ($65 million); Pfizer ($500 million); Ranbaxy ($400 million); Sandoz ($150 million); Maxim ($150 million); Johnson & Johnson ($1 billion); Agility/Public Warehouse ($500 million); WellCare Health Plans ($137 million); and Medtronic ($23 million).

For more information see: http://www.corporatecrimereporter.com/taf01092012.htm

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