Trends in Qui Tam False Claims Cases: On the Incline

The number of Qui Tam false claims cases has grown by double digits each year, since amendments were made to the False Claims Act (FCA) in 1986. Approximately 7,200 Qui Tam cases have been filed since 1987, according to the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ). The major trend, in addition to the increase in filings, is the greater amount of recoveries awarded. According to the DOJ fraud statistics, since 1987, more than $18 billion has been recovered through settlements or judgments in such cases. In 2010, health care accounted for two-thirds of all qui tam cases (which resulted in 83 percent of all funds recovered), while defense contracts accounted for just 10 percent, leaving 24 percent from other areas. The government plays a crucial role in a qui tam case and the DOJ’s intervention rate has remained fairly stable.

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